2019.11.27 / 

DaynaGlass on TV—World Business Satellite on TV Tokyo

2019.11.15 / 

Participation in the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition

2019.11.03 / 

Participation in Sight World

2019.02.28 / 

Decision of patent of Dynaglass (Approval by Patent Office)

2018.08.23 / 

Enforcement of crowdfunding.

2018.07.08 / 

Closed the joint research contact with National University Corporation Tsukuba University of Technology.

2018.07.02 / 

Joint development with Nippon Ex-Clon Co., Ltd.

2018.06.06 / Release

Released the first Department store industry to install AI service system

2018.06.06 / Release

Released AI counter at the Obihiro Station bus terminal with UNITRAND Inc.



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