2018.07.02 / 

Joint development with Nippon Ex-Clon Co., Ltd.

By means of  AI (artificial intelligence), Digital Attendant Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo-to, CEO: Kazuo Kaneko, hereinafter referred to Digital Attendant Co., Ltd.) , that develops disable people supporting AI system and interactive AI service system received the capital participation from Nippon Ex-Clon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to, CEO: Ph.D. Tetsuya Goto, hereinafter referred to JEX Inc.).

The capital participation from Digital Attendant Co., Ltd. by JEX Inc. this time aims at joint development of new service applied with this company's flagship operation, control technology related to nuclear fusion and nuclear power generation that applied scene description technology and interactive service technology that AI utilizes.

Due to this, JEX Inc. will be able to build the system in order to continue to evolve continuously

service with service extension and technology innovation.

On the other hand, Digital Attendant Co., Ltd. works together with JEX Inc. in order to build the disable people supporting AI system and interactive AI service system and make it possible with more stable product development and offer of total solution reflected control system solidity to AI system regarding to system building.

Digital Attendant is aiming at expanding AI solution offer business to vulnerable populations including disable people supporting AI system from now on, and receiving the capital this time following to this tactics.



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