2020.03.30 / 

Dynaglass will be introduced on E Tele, NHK.

Dynaglass will be introduced on TV television "Heart-net TV B-side" facilitated by Mr. Chihara Junior on E Tele, NHK from 20:00 to 20:30 today, on March 30th.

The content of the (TV) programs is cast's news-themed talks in the street from original viewpoints by guests with big character.

The theme of the end of fiscal year is "Expanding successively! Superstar entertainer YouTube creator", "Coronavirus disease", "Revival of immortal works by AI!" and so on.

In addition to a blind guitarist and a girl who has hunting a license and introduces herself as "Modern Princess Mononoke" on a wheelchair as new members, Mr. Chihara Junior goes pale with edgy talks and casts in a studio makes a fuss over!

In this television, our company's technology advisor, Hiroaki Tagawa talks about dynaglass.



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